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Prime Sales at Sedo: 75,000EUR for Acetech.COM!

This compound report will concentrate on prime domain sales of each category. As common, we will count only the transactions above 2,000$.

Domain Sales Report

In this report we will analyze Sedo’s leading transactions from August 5 to August 25.

Now, let’s have a closer look. Both volume and value of sales seem to have shrunk, indeed.

It is time to say goodbye to the enormous six and seven figures transactions. 75,000EUR, which belongs to the sale of, is the highest amount achieved.

In all, there are 178 sales appearing in the chart.

Follow up the rest of this article to stay updated on latest sales on the domain’s market.

Prime .COM Sales

What about the .COMs?

In total, 104 domain deals have been concluded and their value goes up to ~700,000$.

La crème de la crème is at 75,000EUR. This top deal took place on August 23.

Next prime sale occurred on the 7th of August. It took 50,000$ to take the ownership of the 3-letter premium domain Third position is linked to at 40,000$. The fourth and fifth places go to 2-word domain transactions of and, respectively selling at 30,000EUR and 25,500EUR.

How does the listing go?

There are, also, six other important 5-figure sales featuring. sold for 19,888$, for 15,000$, for 13,500$.

Meanwhile,, and reached just 10,000$ per each.

Finally, all of the above are, undoubtedly, the best transactions of this group. Furthermore, the most frequent contingent is 2-word domain sales. So, some domain deals listed further on are:,,,, and

Prime ccTLDs

How is the ccTLD section doing?  

To summarize, there are 55 domain sales and the total amount is approximately 200,000$. Not such a huge drop in comparison to previous reports.

Once again, .DE domains lead in volume. There are 19 .DE domain deals’ present in the charts. Next follow .UK domains, that show up with 5 listings. The list continues with 4 .CH domains, 3 entries have .CO.UK, .IN, and .IO domains. There are 2 listings for .FR, .SE and .NL domains.

At the end are the single entries. Here, we find: .AG, .AT, .US, .CN, .HK, .JP, .KR, .UZ, .CO, .GR, .ES and .MX domains. As you might notice, there are plenty single entire sales.

What about top deals?

Well, we do have two 5-figure prime deals in this category.

At top we have and that sold for a price of exactly 10,000$ each.

Following, is at 7,500EUR. Closely, in third place is a .DE domain sale. So, sold out at just 7,000EUR. These are the most important transactions for the ccTLD section.

Prime Sales  in the Other section

How is the battle new vs. old going?

Still a short report, but better than the last one obviously. 19 deals show up in this merged three weeks analysis.

The battle new vs. old is pretty close this time. Old guys win in volume with just one sale more than the new gTLDs. However, new gTLDs take the revenge on total value, even though still very closely. The old buddies reach approximately 43,000$ while the whole sum is near 92,000$.

There is only one 5-figure transaction in the list that belongs to the top sale of this category. sold at a very nice 25,000$. The next four following sales are all .net domains. So, sold at 9,880$, at 8,000$, at 4,488EUR and at 4,300EUR. The list closes up with the deals of, and for just 2,000$.

And that’s it for this time-frame. To stay tuned on domain sales and much more keep following our blog.